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Amazon is coming to West Humboldt Park
and our voices must be heard

The West Humboldt Park Community Coalition is an organization dedicated to fighting for fairness and persevering the diverse and rich culture of the West Humboldt Park neighborhood.

We are citizens who believe the welfare of the community is the responsibility of all the residents and businesses owners in the neighborhood. It is the mission of this organization to take care of the safety and wellness of the community and all the citizens who call this great neighborhood home.

community survey:  please use the link below to provide input to our organization

Amazon’s Community Responsibilites

We demand our voices to be heard.  Sign our petition to help support our cause.

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WPHCC is asking that Amazon and all businesses in the community negotiate a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA). These agreements hold businesses accountable for partnering with the community to ensure residents as well as the businesses benefit from the companies being in the community.

Currently, we are asking that Amazon integrate into our community by paying residential property taxes, hiring 60% of their workforce from the community with a starting wage of $28.50 hourly or build a community training and recreational center. We are also asking them to present a plan to address pollution, parking/traffic, and crime that will change due to their facility being in our neighborhood. A CBA can bring equity and generational wealth to communities which will allow a community to benefit from companies long after they are gone.

Hiring Percentage Quotas

Hire certain percentage of Humboldt Park resident to work for Amazon. Community wants workers to work on current construction project and future obtain jobs when facility open for operation. (Percentage of workers is negotiable, possible 65% or more).

Community Investment

Implement a Humboldt Park Investment Plan for Amazon and other future big development project to include the community to invest to help finance project. Community will  invest 20% in project and receive a rate of return at a determine % or maintain stock in the investment

Residential Taxes

Request Amazon to pay Humboldt park residential property taxes, similar to communities like Rosemont, Countryside, etc which benefit from businesses that pay their resident’s property taxes.

Crime Prevention Initiatives

Amazon and other business will support a crime prevention program called Front Line Cover 2. Front line Cover 2 will protect citizens and property in Humboldt park

Community Development

Request Amazon to build a Recreation and Community center for West Humboldt park in a joint venture with Chicago Park District

(image shows a similar recreation center being constructed in Oak Park)


Support the WHPCC financially, purchase a “We Vote Everyday” t-shirt.

This shirt informs elected officials we are united in exercising our right to vote and are observing their actions in regards to the well-being of our community


Send a message to connect with our movement and hold Amazon accountable to West Humboldt Park